Gibson Fibreglass Services renovates pools throughout the UK and in Europe. We are members of SPATA, the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association, and have been exclusive swimming pool specialists for over 25 years.

If your swimming pool is cracked or leaking, has pitted marblite, flaking paint or is simply in disrepair...
We are specialists in the application of fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) linings/ membranes to existing swimming pools of virtually all concrete, steel and old/aged moulded fibreglass pools.

The fibreglass lining system: provides a functional, reinforced joint-free surface incorporating many advantages over conventional surface coatings, including resistance to cracking (caused by ground movement), long-lasting, easy to clean surface, no joints-no leaks.
Using the same type of raw material used to produce all manner of marine craft from small boats to ocean yachts. We have utilised the same product to re-surface your pool, thus incorporating all of the proven long- term benefits associated with fibreglass products. See the renovation process here.
Surface preparation of your existing pool is not only specific for the type of material we use, but also for the substrate to be lined. All surface preparatory work (excluding major repairs) is therefore included within our quotation.
Depending on location we can usually provide a free site inspection of your pool without any obligation.
For ‘villa owners’ within Europe we can provide an estimate subject to site inspection. We specialise in the South of France and have show pools within one hour of Nice.

We specialise in Private & Commercial pools - click the links below to see some recent projects:
Villa Owner pools
Existing aged marblite & painted concrete pools
Aged fibreglass pre-moulded pools
Existing vinyl liner pools (many of these can be converted to fibreglass)
Large commercial pools
Ornamental pools/rills/fountains
Paddling pools (with slip-resistant finish)
Koi pools (specific materials and procedures are used for these pools)
Canine and equestrian hydrotherapy pools
Penguin pools
Aged pre-moulded step units (found in many liner pools)
Pool balance tanks & overflow channels.

Click here to see a gallery of other pools we have renovated